A perfect site for your perfect home. Own now this 4.32-acres lot in Berkeley county, city of Pineville, SC!

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4.3 Acres

Flex-1: Agricultural




4.32-acres lot in Berkeley county, city of Pineville, SC!

Settle the home of your dreams in this 4.32-acres lot in a stunning environment, only in Berkeley county, city of Pineville, SC! Accessible via N.V.S Hwy 52. This property is close to Charleston and Columbia. Also convenient when buying necessities and doing errands since this lot has nearby grocery stores, schools, restaurants and more.

Another thing that is great in this property is that there are must-see attractions and destinations nearby that you can always choose to explore anytime. Check out the UFO welcome center and Berkeley county museum. A great place to enjoy calming moments and learn more about the county.

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Pricing Details:

Cash Price:  $26,999


Property Details: 

Parcel Number: 016-00-07-010

County: Berkeley

State: SC

Parcel Size: 4.32 Acres


Zip Code: 29468

Center GPS Coordinates: 33.4353, -79.9836

Corner GPS Coordinates:

33.4359, -79.9845

33.436, -79.9833

33.4362, -79.9834

33.4362, -79.9833

33.4359, -79.9832

33.4362, -79.9832

33.4362, -79.9826

33.4342, -79.9835

33.4341, -79.9837

Elevation: 55.8 feet

Property Access: Landlock


Zoning / Building Information:

Permitted uses:

The following uses are permitted within the Flex1 agricultural district:

A.Agricultural uses.
1.Agriculture, crop.
2.Agriculture, home animal production.
3.Agriculture, home horses.

B.Recreation and amusement uses.
2.Golf course.
.Indoor recreation.
4.Outdoor recreation, active.
5.Outdoor recreation, passive.

C.Institutional uses.
1.Assembly and worship.
2.College and professional schools.
3.School, neighborhood and community.
4.Government office, public services, and local utilities.

D.Residential uses.
1.Single-family detached.
2.Duplex (residential, two-family).
3.Manufactured home.

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Buyer must verify & work with County to know what can & can't be done with the land, obtain proper permits if needed & confirm the availability of any utilities needed/serviced on the lots. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the land, its condition, or what can be built on the parcel.