Buy Vacant Land, Lots, Acreage and Rural Parcels for 20-50% Under Market Value

Gone are the days of endlessly searching for your dream property only to be disappointed by lack of inventory, lot specifics, and bidding wars. Click below to find your dream property within your budget. 


How Deals On Land Helps You Find Your Dream Property at Wholesale Prices

You Tell Us About Your Dream Property 

Our process starts with you filling out the "My Dream Property Questionnaire" which tells us more about the kind of property you're looking for, your budget, preferred location, utilities, and any other features that are a priority to you.

We Find You A Deal

We take the information you gave us on your questionnaire and dig deep into our database of available properties to match you with the deal you're looking for. We will present these to you for your review and you can decide at that point if you've found your dream property or want us to keep searching.

You Become The Owner of Your Dream Property.

Once you've found your deal, we will facilitate the closing process using a title company located in the same state as the parcel. We will cover 100% of associated closing costs and get the deal done fast. 

Our Dream Property Search is a 100% Free Service Available to Anyone Looking to Purchase Land Within The USA.


Deals On Land

Deals on land was founded in early 2021 by Gabriel Macedo. With an abundance of inventory, a network of investors, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, vendors, and a team of highly trained land acquisition specialist, deals on land was created to make it easy, affordable, and fast to purchase and sell land in the United States. Deals On Land works with prospective land buyers nationwide to help them find their dream property at a price they can afford, using our vast network to make it all happen.

Structure Your Land Deal To Start Building Equity On Day 1

Buy Land For Less.

No matter what kind of property you're looking for, we're confident that we can help you find it for 20-50% under market value. Lots, Vacant Land, Rural Parcels, Infill Lots, Acreage, and more.

Our Customers loves us

What People Who Have Used Deals On Land To Find Their Dream Property Have to Say

Thank you deals on land for helping me save over 40,000 dollars on my new 3.4 acres property in North Carolina.

Sarah J

North carolina

Christian was very helpful and asked very good questions, the property they found for me was exactly what I wanted and for a price that was about 45% under retail value! 

Mike T

South carolina

They are pretty quick, and the amount of equity you get from these deals are unheard of. I saw some bad reviews online, but it was from a previous site name owner in 2019, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice deal on land.

Lisa B